COVID-19 has introduced the practice of “safe-distancing.” Initially, this has led to significant disruptions on multiple aspects, including work arrangements in an organisation where physical presence is required but now restricted. However, this should not hinder the learning process of an undergraduate. Instead, it should contribute to the reform students must now undertake to meet a revolutionised work environment. Peter Ong & Nair launches its Virtual Internship Program to provide our interns with a personalised learning experience conducted through video conferencing. Interns will get the opportunity to undertake tasks that reflect the daily scope of work of a legal assistant, such as basic and complex legal research, preparation of court documents, preparation of case notes, article writing, preparation of correspondence, preparation of minutes of a meeting, building advocacy skills and enhancing communication skills.
Through this program, the firm hopes to guide its interns to develop essential skills in the field. Students will get an insight into the legal practice, exposure to different areas of law, and how challenges changed in the legal world are managed.
Eligibility: Students who are currently pursuing a Foundation in Law or an undergraduate in law. 

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